Ever wondered, that you can use your college Gmail in many ways other than requesting your professor for attendance? There are many advantages of having a college Gmail. Let’s see what are they.

Before going into detail, let me discuss a few points about the college Gmails. Mails having a domain as .edu or .ac are considered as educational or academic Gmails, for example, john.smith@mit.edu, b.manoj2017@vitstudent.ac.in, ch17b041@smail.iitm.ac.in.

Here are some benefits of having .edu or .ac Gmails.
  • Dropbox – Extra 500MB space
  • Spotify – 50% discount for US users.
  • Norton – 40% on antivirus software. (only for us citizens)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud -60% discount on all of its software.
  • Autodesk -Free software. Some of the software programs that are included in this program are Fusion 360, 3ds Max, Revit, Maya, and AutoCAD.
  • Apple Music –  Try out Apple Music for free for three months and get 50% off afterward with an EDU email. If you are an existing client, you can still change the membership type to a student.
  • Newegg – First year of Newegg Premier is free once you provide your name@school.edu email address, and  40% off afterward.
  • Best Buy – Best Buy offers exclusive deals for college students, once you sign up and confirm your .EDU email.
  • Evernote  75% discount on premium plan.
  • Web Hosting – 50%discount. Notable ones are Dreamhost, Bluehost, Inmotion Hosting and Siteground. Namecheap will give you a free .ME domain.
  • AWeber – 20% discount on the premium plan.
  • LastPass – Get six months of LastPass free premium.
  • Connectify – 75% discount.
  •  iMazing – 30% discount.
  •  LucidChart – FREE
  • Amazon prime– Free 6 months trial and 50% discount membership afterward.
  • Intel – Free license software
  • JetBrains – Free license software
  • Squarespace – 50% discount
  • Roboform – Free membership
  • Vertabelo – Free software
  • Microsoftonline office 365 for free(only for online)

These are just some of the special discounts that are available to anyone with college email address. There are still many other discounts, including travel, concert and other tickets, online stores, and many other things. I will keep updating the benefits list as soon as I find some. Students, teachers and college staff can enjoy these benefits, but what about other people? There are, in fact, ways to get a .EDU or .ac email address even if you aren’t affiliated with a school or you don’t have your college Gmail id. I will talk about this in some other post.

Some companies do not accept .ac mail you can check it below

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