Do you know that there are so many hidden and secret commands in our Windows PC? In this post, we will be going through one of the secret commands. The command is used to create a fake file in windows PC  of any size and any format in any location. Some of the file formats include music file, documents file, movie file, audio file etc in any size whatever you want.

Uses of this Tricks:

  •  You can make any type of file at any size in just seconds.
  •  Troll your friends by actually showing an empty file with a large space
  •  Fill any empty Pendrive.

How does this work?

Using a command called fsutil in your windows command prompt. FSUTIL is a powerful command-line utility that can provide very technical information about your computer’s drives.

NOTE: If utilized incorrectly it can cause damage to the file system(advanced use of fsutil).

The one which I am going to say is nowhere related to damage of any file system because we are creating a fake file so it doesn’t matter at all for us but please make sure to read it properly before making use of it.

NOTE: To use this utility, we require administrative permission on the local system.

Steps to create a fake file in windows PC

1. Type cmd in your search box or in the RUN command box, Select cmd and right click on it Run as administrator.

2. Type fsutil command and press enter. Check out the below example for reference.

fsutil file createnew C:\newfolder\geekhubb.pdf 5000000

  • geekhubb      -The name of the file
  • .pdf              -The type of the file
  • 5000000       -The size of the file
  • c:\newfolder  -path location of the file

You can change the name, type, size path location as your wish. Make sure you have given the correct path location.

output for the command

To check whether they are of an actual size or not right click the file and click on properties to know the complete details of the file.

To know more about fsutil click on this link

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