Always stuck with a doubt whether the mail you have sent to your friend or colleagues is opened or not?  Why don’t the Gmail offers a feature like WhatsApp blue tick? etc. If you have similar questions like the above then you came to the right place. You will get clarified about everything related to Gmail Tracking just stick on to the post.

The thing is, almost all major email service providers offer no such feature as email tracking to let you know whether the recipient has opened your email or not. To deal with this, there are some services out there that can track your email to give details like when the email has been opened, what links did the recipient click, where did the person open it. There are some good extensions for email tracking but out of them, Streak is the best.

Gmail Tracking

The streak is a Google Chrome extension that allows Gmail users to easily track when and where their email was opened. Once installed in your browser, you can send emails using Gmail like you normally do and let the Streak app automatically track your emails for you. You don’t need to do anything differently while composing the email, nor will your email look any different to the recipient.

Once you have sent out an email, just sit back and wait for the recipient to open your email. As soon as your email is opened, Streak will automatically show you a notification message in the bottom right corner of the screen. The notification will not only tell you that your email has been opened, it will also show you the exact location of the recipient and how the email was opened (through the web, mobile or tablet).

Streak comes with 3 version personal, professional and enterprise

  • personal- FREE
  • professional- 49$/month
  • enterprise- 99$/month

The personal version can track only 200 emails per month whereas professional and enterprise comes with unlimited tracking


  • Track the exact location.
  • Shows the device in which the mail has been opened(web, mobile, tablet).
  • Display the time when the mail has been opened.
  • Gets a notification if a mail has been opened.
  • Display grey-colored eye if the mail has not been opened whereas green-colored if the mail has opened.
  • Mail merge/Mass Mail.
  • mobile access for ios/android.
  • option for schedule mailing.


The location feature in Streak can be useful in many situations like whenever you want to find out your employee’s current location or your friend’s location. For example, some people take a leave from office claiming to be sick but who knows whether the person is taking rest at home or enjoying with his girlfriend in Goa. So with the Streak, you can find out the person red-handed. I know some of your minds are also running with some similar situations like these so why waiting give a try to this.

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