Are you worried that your friend or partner may be cheating on you? Do you wish that there was a way you could spy upon everything and catch them red-handed? If someone is really cheating on you, the majority of the chances are that you will be able to find some kind of evidence about it is on their mobile phone. Your partner’s mobile phone would normally contain information about almost everything they do in their lives including who they talk to, where they go, who they message, what websites they visit, photos and videos they take and just about everything else. If you are looking for how to spy without even knowing to them then you came to the correct place. Let’s get started to know how to catch a cheating friend.

It is very easy for you to spy on someone by using a spying app to remotely monitor someone else’s activities on their mobile phone, including:

  • Call history
  • Intercepting and listen to phone calls
  • Text messages
  • GPS tracking of physical location
  • WhatsApp, and email messages
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Recording conversation in their room using the microphone on their phone.
  • SIM card change notification
  • and even much more

how to catch a cheating friend how to catch a cheating friend how to catch a cheating friend

Some of the most popular spying apps are


To start spying on your friends mobile you should simply follow the below steps

First of all, you need the victims mobile you can do this when they are not looking at or just pretend to borrow their mobile for a phone call. I know you guys are far better than me in this job so I leave it up to you to gain access to your friend’s phone. Connect to the spying app and log into your account, download and install it on their phone. Once you have successfully done the job return the device to your friend.

What will happen if they find it out?

They cannot because it will hide in the background and do its duty so there will be no traces to track it down. You can monitor all the activities of your friend by logging into your account on the website.

Mainly these are used by some companies, parents etc to keep an eye on their employees, children. All these spying apps come with a demo version so you can check which one better suits you. You can even install one on your device because it will be very helpful whenever you lost a phone you can trace it back, remotely control your device and even more check the benefits in their official websites. 

I recommend that you use a paid one because “if you are not paying for the product, then you are the product” means if you choose any paid software or application they can guarantee your privacy, security details, personal details but what about the free one, no guarantee and instead of that they additional attach a malware inside the applications which when downloaded sticks inside your device and runs in the background without knowing your knowledge for example Trojans. Finally, it exports all of your data in the device including your bank transactions if you have performed any and even more. You can imagine if you are downloading the above applications for free what will be the consequence. Not all will be of the same kind but it’s my responsibility to warn you about these. So beware of the free software and applications check them, analyze them before you use them.

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