Flipkart is one of the top online shopping sites in India with a variety of products. Nowadays many of us are preferring online shopping to save our time and to get our requirements at cheaper costs. While doing this we are often charged with certain delivery charges. Today I am going to share an awesome trick to get free delivery in Flipkart.

NOTE: This trick is applicable only for Flipkart assured products and some sellers like WS Retail.

In Flipkart, we have this type of condition that if you order for more than 500rs, you will be eligible for free delivery.

For example, if you want a keychain of 199rs (anything below 500rs) for that Flipkart charges extra charges. To avoid those you must follow the below procedure to get free delivery. I am not going to talk about above 500rs as anyone can get free delivery if you order above 500rs.

Steps to get free delivery in Flipkart

  • Select your product for example keychain and click on ADD TO CART.

  • Now select any other product which makes the total above 500rs.

  • Now go to your cart and click on PLACE ORDER.
  • Wait for some time to get your order details confirmed. (1 hour is enough)
  • Now click on cancel the product which you don’t want. Make sure that you don’t cancel both the products.
  • Now you will be charged with no delivery charges on your product.

 The reason why I recommend CASH ON DELIVERY is to get rid of the refund process after the cancellation of the product.

This trick is working fine and there are no risks or problems associated with it as I myself use this trick to buy certain items.


Not sure, till how many days we get the advantage of this trick as Flipkart might find out and may find an alternative way for this. So, utilize free delivery in Flipkart as soon as possible.

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