You may be using many WiFi connections through your desktop or laptop. First of all, you should remember that whenever you connect to a WiFi network and enter the password to connect to that network, you are actually making a new WLAN profile of that WiFi network. In essence, every time you make an Internet connection, that particular profile get stored inside the PC/laptop along with the other required details of the WiFi profile.

To access all the details related to a particular WIFI you need Command prompt in your windows. Let’s see how to get wifi passwords using CMD.

How to Get WIFI Passwords using CMD

Step 1: Go to search option in your windows PC and type CMD.

opening cmd

Step 2: Right click it and select Run as Administrator.

Step 3: Now type the following command “netsh wlan show profiles” without quotations marks and press enter. You will get the profile details of all the connected wifis in your PC. These are the WIFI profiles which you have connected to your PC from the starting day of your PC purchase.

profile information

Step 4: Now type the following command “netsh wlan show profiles profilename key=clear” and press enter. In place of the profilename type your wifi profile name.

For example, netsh wlan show profiles ASUS_X00TD key=clear. In place of the ASUS_X00TD type the profile name which you want to know the password.

getting passowrd

Step 5: Now check the key content in the security setting section.

key content

Step 6: Type exit to exit the cmd.


NOTE: This is not a hacking technique. We are just retrieving our own connected WIFI information.

Method 2

Using normal settings from the control panel.

Step 1: Open control panel from the search box.

Step 2: Open Network and Internet in options.

Step 3: Click on change adapter settings.

Step 4: Click on WIFI and select status.

Step 5: Click on wireless properties.

Step 6: Click on security and select the show characters box to see the password.

We can check only one password at a time that too connected one but using CMD you can check all the connection that are connected till now.

Disclaimer: Use this trick in a safe way don’t try to misuse it by using it on your friend’s laptop.

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