Imagine this. You are shopping at a store and you are about to buy something when someone comes along and whispers in your ear that it is much cheaper somewhere else. Wouldn’t that be awesome! That’s exactly what I am gonna tell you today but not like that but in a technical way to save money in online shopping.

There’s a Google Chrome extension called MakkhiChoose which helps us in a similar way to save money in online shopping. Let’s see how it does.

Shop anywhere you want. It’ll tell you if there’s a lower price somewhere else. No visiting ugly and no slow price comparison sites. Do what you are doing and Makkhi will work its magic for you.

Go on now, give it a spin. It’s free. That means you really have no reason to wait any further! It is available in the google chrome web store. The main disadvantage is that it is only available for google chrome browser it doesn’t work in Mozilla, internet explorer or safari etc.

Steps to save money in online shopping

  1. Open your chrome browser and click on the 3 dots which is located on the right side of your browser.3 dots
  2. Got to more tools and click on extensions
  3. scroll down until you find to get more extensions
  4. now a chrome website will pop up now type Makkhichoose 2.0 in the search box
  5. click on add to chrome

add to chrome

Finds it difficult let’s try another method

1.simply click on this link Makkhichoose 2.0 you will be directed to the page.

  1. click on add to an extension.

that’s all now Makkhichoose 2.0 will do its magic

makkhi icon

After adding you will see this icon on your google browser.

Want to see how it help then go to any online shopping site. Let us take Amazon for tutorial purpose and search for any product and open it, there you go, you will get a Makkhichoose 2.0 icon on your screen and that’s all.

Here you can see that a small box has appeared which shows the list of prices on some other websites. If you click on any of the given links it will automatically direct you to the other shopping sites.


 It only works in google chrome browser and one more thing it won’t work in smartphones.

Isn’t it cool so start saving each penny from now onwards.

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