Nowadays everyone has a cell phone in their pocket, however, only a few of them are aware of the hidden opportunity present inside it, unlocked by pressing some certain key combination. Here are some of the best secret codes to my knowledge.

In a nutshell

  • Know your Service provider*#5005*7672#
  • Call waiting*#43# (check status) | *43# (Enable Call Waiting) | #43# (Disable Call Waiting)
  • Call Barring- *#33# (Check status) | *33*pin# (Enable Call Barring) | #33*pin# (Call Barring)
  • Call forwarding-*#21#(Check Status) | *21# (Enable or Disable Call Forwarding) | *21mobilenumber# (Divert Calls to this Number)
  • Hide your number in outgoing calls#31#mobilenumber
  • IMEI number*#06#
  • check your bill balance-*225# (Postpaid only)
  • check your signal strength*3001#12345#*

In Depth

Service provider

Unlike Android users, iPhone users often face problems in finding out their nearest iPhone service center. That’s why iPhone has made this feature for their customer’s sake. Dial the code and you will get the nearest service center contact number.

secret codes for iphone users  secret codes for iphone users

Call waiting

This simple code helps you to know, enable and disable the status of your call waiting.

Secret code for call waiting    secret code-result for call waiting

Call Barring

Call Barring allows you to block all incoming or outgoing calls on your phone and if you want to check its status or enable/disable it on your iPhone, you can use this code.

NOTE: PIN in the code represents sim card pin, not the iPhone passcode. You can configure your sim card pin in iPhone Settings->Phone->SIM PIN.

Secret code for call barring    secret code-result for call barring

Call forwarding

Don’t want to be disturbed by a phone call while you play your favorite multiplayer game or watch your favorite live sports? You can use these secret codes to check its status on your phone or to enable it and divert calls to another number. You may also get this feature in settings but this is a bit faster compared to that.

Secret code for call forwarding    secret code-results for call forwarding

Hide your number in outgoing calls

A surreal weapon for prank calling. iPhone provides you the feature of hiding your number in outgoing calls. All you have to do is open your keypad and use the code that works in your country and type the mobile number to whom you want to call anonymously. Check your country code below.

Germany*31# or #31#
Greece #31#
Hong Kong133
New Zealand197
North America#31# or *67
Netherlands*31* or #31#
South Africa*31* or #31#
South Korea*23 or *23#
Switzerland*31# or #31#
United Kingdom141

Secret code for hiding number

I have tried this to hide my number but it didn’t work for me so I suggest you to keep your expectations low.

 IMEI number

‘International Mobile Equipment Identity’ (a.k.a IMEI) is one of the most noted code. It is a unique number possessed by every phone user. It is so that whenever a person loses their phone, they can easily locate the lost device. To know your IMEI number, type the code on your keypad.

Check your bill balance 


Check your signal strength(Field Test Mode)

What if your phone displays exact network strength in decibels instead of displaying the network bars. Wouldn’t that be awesome? iPhone users have this feature of displaying the exact signal strength. Just type the code on your keypad and hit the call button. You will be directed to the Field Test settings page. Now you have to hold the power button until you get an option for ‘Slide to turn off’. Once you are on the ‘Power off’ screen, hold the home button and the network bars will be replaced by network strength in decibels.

Understanding the signal range

Greater than -60Excellent signal (you're close to a cell tower)
-60 to -75Very good(usually this is the best it gets)
-76 to -90Good (you’re in an area with decent coverage)
−91 to −100Fair (coverage is spotty, and may be slow)
−100 to −110Poor (very weak; you may be having connectivity problems)
Less than −110 dBmNo signal

secret code for signal strength   secret code-field test page   secret code-result for field test mode

A lot of secret codes still prevail, yearning to be discovered. Why don’t you become an adventurer and try to dig some of them out yourself?! Do comment if you manage to squeeze out some secrets.

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